What is the Job of a Chemical Engineers?

Chemical engineers play a big role in the various advancements we see in our world today. Chemical engineering’s innovations in different fields and industries have been improving lives and well-being for over a century. Chemical engineers are responsible for more than 70,000 different products and countless services worldwide. They process chemicals as well as develop economic ways which are used to improve every other thing around us. The principles of chemical engineering are widely applied and many chemical engineers go as far as starting a business of their own. Some of the typical things you can see a chemical engineer doing have been listed below.

  • A chemical engineer makes the synthetic fibre used by clothing industries to make water resistant cloths.
  • They develop solutions for toxic industrial wastes problems to minimize the effect of harmful products released to the environment.
  • They are able to manufacture and make pharmaceuticals more affordable and safe for people to use.
  • They improve the quality of petrol so as to reduce pollution and keep petrol prices low as well.
  • A chemical engineer develops the renewable energy and fuel sources being used today.
  • Water from the ground, rivers, or the sea are being made safe for drinking by a chemical engineer.
  • The wine industries are able to make and export wines at a reduced cost with the help of a chemical engineer.
  • In the mining industry, mining techniques can be improved by a chemical engineer, thereby, reducing the damages caused to the environment.

The typical tasks taken by a chemical engineer in an industry or anywhere they find themselves include:

  • Conducting research to improve manufacturing processes.
  • To incorporating and ensure that everyone complies with health, safety, and environmental procedures when working with dangerous chemicals.
  • To estimate the cost of production.
  • To monitor and optimize the performance of production processes.
  • To design and plan equipment layout.